Tattooers all over New Zealand are donating their gloves and masks to help hospitals

As COVID-19 spreads throughout the country and infects more people, the need for vital supplies such as gloves and masks has spiked. Many hospitals and private health care practices are at risk of running out, but tattoo artists are doing their part to help out during tough times.

Many shops have kept ample supplies on hand and since most aren’t open for business, tattooers around the country are donating their gloves to help out medical professionals.

A major supplier has told RNZ demand has “gone through the roof” since the lockdown was announced on Monday.

The supplier said late yesterday the Ministry of Health had just asked it to urgently find half a million gowns but it can’t because supply from China is badly disrupted. Cromwell GP Anya Beale said the DHB had supplied seven PPE kits, with seven gowns, to her practice last week.

“I’m concerned because we serve a population of 5000 patients. Currently, we have [left] four full sets of gowns, eyewear, gloves and masks.

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